Come Fly With Me, let´s fly , let´s fly away....

By Belen Ackland - 4/02/2011

RONSEM* FREE Hair / Mai.
Skin (Mamboo Chic):Iseb - lucky letter
*Crazy* Sheep Jacket 30L
Tank - JANE -group gift all colours
Pants - Chantkare April group gift -75L fee!
Sunglasses HOC Aviator 40L marketplace
Scarf B@re Kiss the dolar -no free

more fly fly fly here.......

Dress (Romance) Prarie . Cherry Pink . Gift! Pixedolls -free
Wilay Stylez Persisu shoe -1L
Socks La Viere Opening Gift -free, no se si estarán aún
Jeans part of BC Group gift abril-free
Divalicius Kiss me yellow tank yellow location #13 girl -free
Pumps for M&MH 142 PsychoTroPia -free
Collar *YS* Gemstones collection - Turquoise / Jewelry Set (marketplace)- no free

Top *Crazy* Sweetheart 1L
RONSEM* CMFB Hunt Paw # 33.-free
Sneakers Maschienenwerk- free
JBX Headphone -free

Divalicius Bikini Wtpay hunt #97

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