Have you got a story for me?

By Belen Ackland - 7/23/2012

Camisa SLH #044 Pixel Snobs-free!
Shorts y pulseras SLFHBB - #9 Amour Fashion-free!
Cinturón GABRIEL -Group Gift
Gafas y Mochila iTouch Hunts - RRH18 Lyrieal's Boutique -1L
Zapatos [LOVE RE ME] deck shoes Tricolor Lucky Letter 10min. -free!
Pelo MONS /- Mare Hair Fair Gift -free!

Seguimos con la ruta ...........(más a continuación),...............

Vestido Prim & Pixel MESH Mono with Red Dress # -free!
Adorno Pelo y Bolso NONKO konpeitou SET -free!
Collar :: Knock! :: Obsidian :: Necklace Group Gift -free!
Anillo [*RD*]*Rogue's Mesh Tribal Rings* subscribe -free!
Zapatos Angel Alphaville 46f (strap) red -10L
Pelo analog dog - ffw Hair Fair Gift -free!

Vestido Prim & Pixel DEMO MESH Beach Cover Up -free!
Gafas TGGS Anniversary Hunt[KUMAKI]-free!
Cadena Nariz Death Dealers' Market Demonic Soul [Women] Group Gift -free!
Collar y Pendientes Vrtual Impressions Francesca in Brown Pearls & Quattz Group Gift-free!
Anillo FZaPP GIFT Ring Mar -free!
Bolso Playa Things for Woman Gift - Blackwood ((Store)) -free!
Pelo [LeLutka]-SALOME hair/Light Brunette -no free

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